The enterprise increases the volumes of production and selling of the finished product step by step.

Marketing year Processing seeds, Mt Produce oil, Mt Produce sunseed cake, Mt
1999-2000 61422 28689 23317
2000-2001 97277 44914 35857
2001-2002 89001 40885 35403
2002-2003 189082 88754 72873
2003-2004 240713 0103288 95220
2004-2005 141306 59905 55997

Products of JSC "Slavyanskoliya" are in a huge demand in both external and internal markets. Baltic, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Byelorussian, Turkish and Kazakh partners of JSC "Slavyanskoliya" perform active purchases of pressed and extraction oils. Products of JSC "Slavyanskoliya" intended for consumer market, is presented by TM "Slavoliya" (inside-Ukrainian brand).

Sunseed cake is supplied to Russia, Byelorussia, Hungary, the Baltic countries, Poland and Turkey. JSC "Slavyanskoliya" works with foreign partners on DAF and CPT supply conditions (Incoterms).