JSC "Slavynskoliya"

Slavyansk fat-and-oil industrial complex, now JSC "Slavyanskoliya" has more then semi-centennial experience conversions of the oil-bearing cultures. The Enterprise presents itself united complex shop and auxiliary subdivisions with developed infrastructure, which provides the possibility to process 800-820 tons seeds of sunflower in day, 500 tons bob to soybean, 480 tons seeds rape in day. Today JSC "Slavyanskoliya" is one of the largest fat and oil producing complexes of the "UkrOliaProm" association. "Slavyanskoliya" specializes in oilseeds processing and producing edible and inedible fat-and-oil products: press and extraction oil, sunflower seed cake, glycerin, stearic acid edible and inedible hard sunflower fat and laundry soap. The enterprise JSC "Slavyanskoliya" is located in city Slavyansk - a centre of the resort area of Donetsk region. There are three main production subdivisions of oil-and-fat factory " Slavyanskoliya ", they include: oil-extraction shop, hydrogenation shop and soap making shop. The Production output hydrogenation shop and soap making shop is temporarily suspended.

The trained policy, passing on enterprise, is directed on creation large powered and high-professional cohesive group, capable to be a base to competitive ability and economic stability of the enterprise. This task executes organized at September 2002 division of preparing the personnel, got license of Ministry education and sciences of the Ukraine on 20-ti worker profession.

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