JSC "Slavynskoliya"

Slavyansk fat-and-oil industrial complex is situated on the main Donetsk railway and in a close location to the motor way of Kharkov-Rostov. Shipment of goods - being supplied on DAF Incoterms conditions - is performed by way of main transition railway stations: Yagodin-Dorokhusk (West direction, Poland), Khorobichi (Northwest direction, Byelorussia, Baltic countries), Topoli-Solovey with terminal Valujki (a northeast direction, Russia, Kazakhstan), Kvashino-Uspenskaya with the terminal Rostov (a southeast direction, Russia).

JSC "Slavyanskoliya" is located successfully in relation to seaways of the Black and Azov seas: close to Odessa, Illichevsk, Berdyansk and Mariupol seaports. JSC "Slavyanskoliya" fruitfully co-operates with Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of fats and oils. This leads to invariably high technical and economic indicators of the company. For reached activities group JSC "Slavyanskoliya" reward Honourable Diploma of Cabinet Minister if Ukraine at October 2003.

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